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1. It is said that the newly-built gymnasium is three miles _______ from here.
A. away far  B. far away
C. far  D. away
2. I _______ my talk with Tony. Let’s go out for a walk.
A. have finished  B. had finished
C. finish  D. finished
3. I am for your proposal that the discussion about future plans _______.
A. to be put off  B. be put off
C. should put off  D. was put off
4. You will see this product _______ wherever you go in this city.
A. advertise  B. to be advertised
C. advertised  D. advertising
5. Jack often complains _______ able to communicate with his parents.
A. of being not  B. of not being
C. being not  D. not being
6. We expected many club members would come to the tea party, _______ turned up.
A. only a few  B. very few
C. but a few  D. but few
7. The reason _______ the little boy died was lack of medical care.
A. why  B. because
C. for  D. as
8. _______ the drill is, it is very useful in improving your oral English.
A. Simple you consider  B. You consider simple
C. Simple as you consider  D. As simple you consider
9. Only when I got there _______ how badly the crops had been damaged.
A. did I realize  B. I realized
C. then I realized  D. then did I realize
10. _______ that this small town was exposed to various kinds of dangers.
A. In 2003 B. The year of 2003
C. It was 2003  D. It was in 2003
11. Smoking hurts not only the smokers, but also the people around them _______ second-hand smoke.
A. because  B. because of
C. as  D. as of
12. To her disappointment, her best friend did not _______ at her birthday party.
A. turn over  B. turn around
C. turn up  D. turn in
13. How I wish I could bring _______my children in an environment close to nature!
A. about  B. in
C. out  D. up
14. When the fever eventually _______, he is likely to feel tired and weak for a while.
A. dies down  B. dies out
C. loses  D. leaves
15. She had to _______ after the first round because she sprained her wrist.
A. run out  B. drop out
C. draw out  D. come out
16. It was Allen who _______ with the bright idea to have a barbecue near the lake.
A. went up  B. came along
C. went along  D. came up
17. Humor is a most _______, yet frequently neglected means of handling the difficult situations in our lives.
A. affirmative  B. affectionate
C. efficient  D. effective
18. Hardly had he arrived at the airport _______ he was told that the flight had been cancelled.
A. than  B. when
C. before  D. then
19. The decision _______ how much money should go to education is of vital importance.
A. due to  B. owing to
C. as to  D. so as to
20. I know she didn’t pass the qualifying exam, but really she is _______ but stupid.
A. anything  B. nothing
C. something  D. none


Passage 1
A mile or so before they reached Oxford, they stopped the car on top of a hill from which they could see the whole of the city spread out before them. The spires and the domes, the college walls and towers looked as peaceful as when they were first built, hundreds of years ago.
When they drove down, over the River Thames and into the city centre, they found it was not so peaceful after all! The main streets were packed with traffic: cars, lorries, coaches full of tourists and the bicycles which the students use to get about. But as soon as they had managed to park the car and get away from the roaring traffic, they discovered a completely different world. Narrow cobbled streets which had hardly changed since the Middle Ages ran between the high college walls of grey or yellow stone. Inside the great double gates of each college they found quiet squares of grass, surrounded by the chapel, the library, the dining-hall and the rooms where the students and teachers live. Many colleges had the most beautiful gardens where one could sit and read, talk, work or dream.
Most of the students, or undergraduates, wore informal clothes: sports coats, or pullovers, and slacks. But some of them were wearing their black gowns. George explained that they had to wear these when going to lectures or to their weekly meeting with their tutor, or teacher. Tom and Anne were very surprised to see a few young men dressed in formal black suits, with ties, gowns and scholars’ caps. Anne asked whatever they were doing, wearing evening dress in the morning! George laughed and said that this was the official dress for taking examinations, many of which were held in June.
In one college, they visited the dining-hall. It was enormous with a high roof held up by great wooden beams with windows of stained glass as in a church, and long heavy tables and benches. At one end was the “High Table”, which is usually reserved for the Head of the college and the teachers. It really was high, raised on a wooden platform above the level of the rest of the hall. An undergraduate may sit at the High Table once on the day when he has passed all his examinations, takes his degrees and becomes a graduate.
21. They stopped the car on top of a hill because _______.
A. the spires and domes looked peaceful
B. they wanted to see Oxford
C. they wanted to take a rest
D. the old college walls looked different
22. Before they got away from the roaring traffic, they _______.
A. succeeded in parking their car
B. found a car park
C. tried to park their car
D. failed to park their car
23. Most of the undergraduates were wearing _______.
A. suits, caps and gowns  B. black gowns
C. sweaters or sports jackets  D. vests and slacks
24. George told Tom and Anne students wore black gowns _______.
A. only when they were on their way to lectures
B. when meeting with their tutor once a week
C. on their way to the library
D. when they were in the chapel
25. An undergraduate may sit at the High Table on the day he _______.
A. receives his degrees B. passes his exams
C. takes his exams  D. leaves school

Passage 2
An ideal design for a toothbrush has not been invented. Dentists have put forward many different designs over the years and each has its advantages. We all know the problems of trying to clean less accessible areas, where it is difficult to see and space is restricted. In trying to clean the backs of our lower front teeth and our wisdom teeth we have produced toothbrushes with every type of bend in the handles and curve on the surface of the bristles(猪鬃、毛发). Added to this there is the choice of natural bristle or nylon for the heads of the toothbrush.
After numerous tests it has been found that there is no difference in effectiveness between the natural and artificial bristle. In fact, dentists are finding more advantages with the nylon toothbrush. Nylon bristle is said to last longer, is more easily cleaned and harbours fewer germs. The individual nylon bristles tend to be more consistent in texture and do not become soft. The bristles, moreover, do not split as is the case with natural bristle.
The main advantage of natural bristles appears to be that they are more resilient(有弹性的) when new. Another controversy is the appearance of hard, medium and soft toothbrushes. We are told that certain hard brushes are good for smokers and promote healthy gums. Once again the publicity is misleading, starting with the conception that hardness means a bristle of a tougher substance. This is not so, for a hard toothbrush is one in which the diameter of the bristles is greater, thus making the brush more rigid. This causes problems because the gums are easily injured and the tooth surface is more easily worn away by this type of brush. In fact, too much pressure and the wrong technique with a hard brush can cause much damage to the teeth and gums. As the bristles are thicker, they cannot get into the narrow openings so easily. The only advantage of this type of brush is that it lasts longer. In general, therefore, a hard toothbrush is not recommended unless used with extreme care. It is much more advisable to use a medium or soft bristle toothbrush. They don’t have a very long life, and replacement is necessary as soon as the bristles split or fall out.
26. According to the passage, the artificial bristle is _______.
A. more effective than the natural one
B. less effective than the natural one
C. just as effective as the natural one
D. firmer and cleaner than the natural one
27. Which of the following, according to the passage, is an advantage of the nylon toothbrush?
A. The bristles split more easily.
B. The bristles are free from germs.
C. The bristles always stay firm.
D. The bristles last longer.
28. A hard brush is _______.
A. a brush with hard bristles  B. a brush with thick bristles
C. good for smokers  D. good for the gums
29. The wrong technique with a hard brush means _______.
A. the wrong use of brush  B. too much pressure
C. the wrong sort of brush  D. the wrong toothbrush
30. Which of the following is true according to the passage?
A. A hard brush is all right if you use it firmly.
B. A medium brush is recommended as the bristles last longer.
C. A soft brush will soon need replacing.
D. A brush that is a mixture of medium and soft bristles is recommended.

31.semester 32.unpleasant
33.enormous 34.nonsense
35.ambulance 36.astonishment
37.argument 38.enthusiasm
39.circumstance 40.nonetheless
41.appearance 42.physically
43.loyalty 44.oxygen
45.obtainable 46.something
47.protein 48.organize
49.survival 50.school

That    until     first        could
which  would    standing    when
in      where    showing    acted
We blacks couldn’t take advantage of things we saw other people doing. If we were in a store
 51  and some white people came in, the sales people would stop waiting on us. We  52  have to wait, and we could not interrupt. I remember something  53  happened once in either Loveman’s or Pitzitz,  54  they have drawers with hats. This salesperson was  55  some white people hats. Another white lady began to open the drawers and look at the hats. A black lady  56  there thought that while she was waiting she  57  do the same thing. So she opened the drawers. The saleslady  58  like the woman had committed a crime. She told her, “You don’t go in those drawers. You wait  59  I get to you!” That stayed with me a long time. I was about ten or eleven  60  that happened, and I could not understand it.
I was now five, and still I showed no real sign of intelligence. I showed no apparent interest in things  61  for my toes-more especially those on my left foot. I  62  to lie on my back all the time in the kitchen or,  63  bright warm days, out in the garden, surrounded  64  a family that loved me and hoped for me and  65  made me part of it. I was lonely, imprisoned in a world of my  66 , unable to communicate with others, cut  67 , separated from them as though a glass wall stood  68  my existence and theirs. I longed to run  69  and play with the rest, but I was unable to break  70  from my imprisonment.

71. The day before the art exhibition, Henry managed to get in and ________.
72. Mr. Budd was afraid after the Evening Messenger printed the full story of his great idea because ________.
73. According to the author of Happiness, many successful people feel miserable because they know they are contributing very little of real value and ________.
74. In Freedom in Dying, Jim stated his desire to have his ashes scattered over the sea, which reflected his love of ________.
75. Tracy’s liver was transplanted into the author’s husband, David, who ________.
76. Samuel H. Scudder was disappointed when his professor asked him to look at the fish because ________.
77. Bob Sugg made a living by ________.
78. After he finished his work in the restaurant, Sidney Poitier would ________.
79. In the United States, a person would be regarded as out of his mind if ________.
80. The author in The Outside Chance was able to win the bet on the horse races because ________.


1. D 2. A 3. B 4. C 5. B 6. D 7. A 8. C 9. A 10. D
11.B 12.C 13.D 14. A 15. B 16. D 17. D 18. B 19. C 20. A
21. B 22. A 23. D 24. B 25. B 26. C 27. D 28. B 29. B 30. C
III. 用国际音标标出下列单词中划线字母或字母组合的读音。 (略)
A. 从下列单词中选择适当的词填空,每个词只能用一次。
51. first 52. would 53. that 54. where 55. showing
56. standing 57. could 58. acted 59. until 60. when
61. except 62. used 63. on 64. by 65. that
66. own 67. off 68. between 69. about 70. loose
71. turn all the paintings upside down
72. he thought nobody would come to his shop to have his hair cut
73. all the time they live in fear of being exposed as cheats.
74. freedom
75. suffered from an incurable liver disease
76. it was not challenging enough to an eager student and the alcohol had an unpleasant smell
77. selling newspapers
78. sit by the kitchen door and read the newspapers
79. he dared to challenge the authority of the dictionary
80. he knew the result of the next day’s race by reading the newspaper
81. It’s said that the new plan will come out next week.
82. Jack came at last, but he was five minutes late.
83. I know that old man has donated most of his money to the poor.
84. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t work out the problem.
85. Tom put all the toys in order before he went to bed.
86. I hung around the station for an hour, but my friend still didn’t turn up.
87. Generally speaking, the young are more likely to accept new thoughts.
88. We must take some action to deal with the problem of air pollution.
89. The city government is committed to improving the transportation system.
90. The people in the flooded area are in bad need of food and water.



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